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What Does It Cost?

Single Animals



 If you have a single animal to INSEMINATE, the total cost is the sum of the following three  factors:


      1) Farm Call: Fees are calculated with Rathdrum, Idaho as the point of origin.

           Local Calls are only $40

           For farms located more than 30 miles from Rathdrum, the farm call fee can be                                 roughly estimated as follows:

           Miles of travel to the farm (one-way) multiplied by $1.50 per mile.


          Please contact us for a farm call quote.


     2) Cost of Semen:

          If you buy semen from us, you can find out how much this will cost by looking in the 

          If you buy semen elsewhere and ship it to us, there may be a small charge for storage and             handling.


      3) Insemination Fee:

         If you buy the semen from us, a single animal is (usually) not charged an additional                       insemination fee, provided that the animal is adequately restrained. If you buy the semen             elsewhere, we will charge a $5 per animal insemination fee to cover the cost of inventory               and storage.


                  Larger herds will be assessed on an individual basis, so contact us for a quote!



 If you are interested in SYNCHRONIZING your animals, contact us for a more accurate quote.  We have a variety of programs available to meet your specific needs.


    The most common synchronization program is the CO-SYNCH protocol with the CIDR.

        Here's how it works:

          Day 1: 1st GnRH injection, CIDR (progesterone insert) is put in

          Day 7: PGF2a injection, CIDR is removed

          Day 7 + (54 - 60 hrs): 2nd GnRH Injection, Insemination

            (This program usually requires at least one additional farm call when used in combination                with the insemination services listed above.)

   Cost: Small herds can expect to be charged roughly $27 - $35 per animal (this includes all                        hormones, the CIDR, and administration)



       The BIOPRYN test is accurate as early as 28 days after insemination. Results are obtained by        drawing 2cc of blood from the cow and sending the sample to a BIO TRACKING lab for                    testing. This is a simple, inexpensive, and accurate method of determining if your cow is                pregnant. 

    Cost: $14.00 for the first animal and $5.00 for each additional animal, plus the farm call

       (This charge covers the lab fee, paperwork, shipping, and results).

     If your herd is larger than 20 animals, please contact us for a quote.



  • Semen Storage

       We offer short term storage service​ for semen that has been special ordered. 

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